How Is Blawging Different From Blogging For Lawyers?

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mustblawgpost-itLawyers are a an odd bunch. With our emphasis on precedent, the whole industry can make me crazy with the glacial speed at which our members have come to the social media party.

Finally catching on (years after wide adoption by most other industries) is blogging — or as it is fondly referred to by the Esquires, “blawging.”

Blawging is simply blogging for lawyers. Or is it?

There are many styles of blogging from simple news curation to in-depth thought leadership & opinion pieces. I’ve even seen a blawg or two with footnotes, although with hyperlinking available, footnotes in blogs are rare.

One of the first blog platforms (if not the first) on the legal scene was LexBlog. I have followed LexBlog almost since inception and have a tremendous amount of respect for Kevin O’Keefe, but I never quite understood the popularity of his rather, um, plain (sorry, Kevin!) blog designs. Of course in the beginning, I was just coming out of my tour through the real estate industry where “party dresses” over “business suits” were the norm for websites.

Flash forward to today and I have a newfound respect for LexBlog’s style.

I haven’t asked Kevin about the particular psychology behind LexBlog’s designs, but one thing I have come to really appreciate about simple “business suit” designs is that they are all about the content and syndication of that content — not the flashy, distracting glitz and glam of a party dress website.

Never has the distinction been more crystal clear to me than in the development of this Attorney 2.Oh site. I knew this site would be on the WordPress platform. I’ve used WordPress sites extensively for various projects and I thoroughly understand the structure.

That’s not to say that you should confuse me with my smarter programming friends, but I “get” WordPress about as well as any other lay person.😉

I started developing the Attorney 2.Oh! site with another theme skin, when I found myself drawn to a second design I saw on a high profile author’s site. Despite the fact that this new theme skin was “hot off the presses” and used by somebody that I highly respect, I immediately started discovering all the things that I thought were “missing” as soon as I started working with the new theme.

Finally, and thankfully, I woke up and started to smell the coffee-scented breadcrumbs that the theme developers left in their annoyingly sparse documentation regarding proper use of the theme.

That use? Pushing content, not distracting bells and whistles. This theme is gorgeously simple and has been put through the SEO audit wringer by one of the most respected authorities in the SEO field.

Try as I did to mess my new site up with all the extras the WordPress development community has to offer, I have finally come back to a straight content syndication machine, with a couple of static pages to let you know who we are and asking for support for a worthy cause.

OK, I left in a couple of little, itty-bitty flashy things, but hey, I’m a product of my mixed upbringing.

The Standard Theme For WordPress

A content syndication machine is precisely what I advocate in Attorney 2.Oh! when I talk about blogging for lawyers, and I don’t know why I thought my own site should be different. The whole point of blogging for professionals like lawyers is to demonstrate expertise and to get that expertise syndicated far and wide. A clean WordPress site with a straightforward design is exactly the ticket for getting your expertise message out to the far reaches.

If you like what you see here, consider using the Standard Theme for your own content syndication machine (use my affiliate link and buy me a cup of coffee). It’s easy to customize, or I can point you to a vendor who will do it for a reasonable amount. Smaller pictures, darker colors, more subdued social media icons and you could make this theme look very scholarly.😀

To your unlimited blawging and content syndication success!

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